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Extreme Weight Loss Centers


Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels


At Extreme Weight Loss Centers we offer the tools and guidance needed to achieve weight loss success for women, men and children. Each program includes B6 and B12 injections, a variety of food menus and one-on-one counseling each visit to the office or through our online program. You will be welcomed with open arms to our community. We are here to motivate you and encourage you through the process. We know weight loss is a journey within itself. It's an opportunity to make a change and with any change we aren't always prepared for it. Extreme is here to help you transition from that feeling of unpreparedness to feeling secure and ready for weight loss success.  

Extreme is not only here for you to try different diets. We are here to help clients make a change into a healthier lifestyle. We don't want to compromise our filler foods (i.e. carbs), but we do want you to learn how to enjoy them in healthy portions. 

Most importantly, our clients who have struggled with several different health challenges have overcome those challenges by losing the weight with us. For example, a client was given permission by her personal physician to come off of insulin injections half way through her Extreme program. Remember, when we carry an excess weight of 20 pounds or more, our risk for common weight-related health problems increase. Problems such as, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, foot, back and joint pain, and high cholesterol. 

When you join Extreme, your goals become our goals. We want to see you succeed. While you have to make the effort every day, we know our active and support community will be there to help you with self control, encouraging you and showing you how to get the most out of your time with us so you can live the rest of your life worry free of weight loss. 

​We have a friendly and inviting staff and a program that is designed to give you the tools and support that you need. The one place you can go where you can gain a lot by losing. 

You are not just a client at Extreme, you become family. We have an exceptional level of care and attention and we are dedicated to bringing out the BEST you!