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How much weight do you lose in the first week of this program?
Women lose an average of 6-11 pounds in the first week. Men lose an average of 8-13 pounds in the first week.

How many times do you have to come into the center?
At least two times per week, and three times maximum.  You don't need an appointment you can come in anytime between 8:30 am - 7:00 pm during the week. Saturdays 9:00am- 12Noon.

What types of food do you eat on this program?
Protein, such as all meats, chicken, beef, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits and breads.

Is this a high protein diet?
No. We incorporate both protein, vegtables, fruit and carbohydrates.

What makes this program so different from other programs?
The one on one coaching and guiding is incooperated with the B vitamin injections, which helps to boost your weight loss.

How much weight can you lose on a weekly basis?
2-4 lbs each week for female clients and 4-7lbs for male clients each week.

Is this program safe?
Yes, its all natural programs without the use of drugs or artificial stimulants.  We don't use any Drug Appetite Suppressants.

Are there any side effects to the B vitamin injections?
No, the B vitamins are completely safe and all natural.

Can men do this program?
Yes, men are actually very successful.  Men lose exceptionally fast between 7-8 pounds in the first week and 5-7 pounds each week after. 

Can you eat out on this program?
Yes, you can eat out at all traditional resturants. You can also eat 8-10 Selections from all fast food resturants so if your out and can't get home just grab something off Extremes fast food list.  Rather it's McDonald's, KFC, Taco Bell etc...

Is this program affordable?  Do we accept Flex Plans From Employers?
Yes, we even have payment plans, typically we have a down payment and the balance is set up on a payment plan.  Call our office and we will be happy to give you the prices. Yes, we do accept Flex Plans that your employer may offer.  Ask your Human Resource Dept about Flex Plans.

Do we have to buy pre-packaged foods or supplements?
No, you dont have to buy any pre-packaged foods. We do not sell food.  However, we do have supplements that are offered to help increase your weight loss.  They are not mandatory.  

Do you have to get B vitamin injections? 
We do have other options available in addition to the B vitamin injections for clients that can't tolerate shots.  However, the B shots are the most effective.

Do you have to continue to get your injections to maintain your weight loss?
No. The shot is just to help in promoting weight loss, not to help maintain it.  We have a Stablization Program and Maintenance Plan that helps you maintain your weight loss.

How do you maintain your weight loss?
Extreme weight loss has devised a stabilization plan that brings back all your favorite foods.  With your help we design a plan that assists you in maintaining your weight.Type your paragraph here.

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