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Extreme Weight Loss Centers


2500 N. Rolling Road, Suite 102
Baltimore, Maryland 21244
Phone Number : 443-200-0200

EWLC is in the Maryland and Nevada area providing safe and effective weight loss.

Most of our employees have personally participated in our weight loss program and know the struggles of losing weight. The clients struggles are our struggles so that at Extreme we can teach you how to overcome them with successful weight loss strategies.

Our philosophy is that if you are extremely tired of being overweight, extremely tired from weight gain, or extremely tired of not fitting into your clothes, then its time for an extreme change in your life. We believe that you must maintain the best possible attitude in knowing that you already are successful by just beginning.

We offer an extremely safe, extremely fast and extremely affordable weight loss plan of action that have payment plans available to fit into everyone's budget. In our office, your goals are our goals. 

Extreme Weight Loss Centers is a supervised weight loss and maintenance program. It is designed to help women, men and children lose unwanted pounds and inches without the use of drugs. Our female clients lose 6-8 pounds the very first week and our male clients lose 7-13 lbs in the first week. We get amazing results using the B-6 and B-12 injections. One of the most important parts of our plan is our stabilization and our maintenance. It guarantees a client's future success in maintaining their goal weight. 

At Extreme Weight Loss Centers we offer a special plan for children to meet their weight loss needs.  We specialize in making a custom program for children to work with there busy school and activity schedule.  We customize a menu for there daily lunches at school.  We encourage parents to bring your chidren in for a free consultation if they have a challenge with being overweight.r paragraph here.